Video Editor at Sportskeeds

April 16, 2024
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Job Description

This is a remote position.

The Opportunity

Location: Remote

Experience: 2-3 years of experience

Nature of Employment: Contract

The Sportskeeda MMA section is looking for YouTube Video Editors to join on a contract or freelance basis. Qualified candidates should have in-depth knowledge and love for the sport MMA.

Key Responsibilities:

Curate Highly Entertaining Videos: The candidate should be capable of putting together highly creative videos based on a script and a voice-over. They should be able to match the right content with the right tone, context, humor and more.

Stay Informed: Keep up-to-date with the latest trends and updates about the lives of MMA stars, UFC, One Championship Boxing, and more.

Collaborative video editing: Work closely with the video production team to structure videos to improve and add captivating visuals as per the SK MMA standard.

Consistent Editing Style: The style of the videos should not vary from one another irrespective of the topic at hand. The editor should follow all the standard editing guidelines and produce highly quality video.

Drive Audience Engagement: Put together the right balance of Images, GIFS, and videos in a suitable way that would drive in more engagement, likes, comments and more.

Inject Fresh Ideas: Come up interesting ways to visualize the script in a highly creative manner that would help keep the content fresh and unique.

Teamwork: Collaborate effectively with video producers, editors, and colleagues to bring your best out of your videos.

Video Editing Experience: Should have at least 2-3 years of video editing experience of prior exposure to making long form(10min+) for YouTube.

Highly Creative Editing Skills: Proficient in creating engaging content adaptable to diverse audiences in the world of mixed martial arts.

Research Proficiency: Must have the skill to dive deep into the history of the sport and find videos, and footages that can be used to help elevate the script.

Effective Communicator: Strong communication and collaboration skills to work efficiently with the production team.

YouTube Knowledge: Should know the latest trends on YouTube’s editing style, and should know how to produce documentary style content.